Friday, March 8, 2013

Tons of new additions to site!

I have been very busy, adding a ton of new material to the website.

A collection of Roman silver denarii of Marc Antony, struck during the battle of Actium where he and Cleopatra were defeated by Octavian (who later became Augustus Caesar):
See: Silver Coins of Marc Antony

A collection of Egyptian ushabtis, all from great old collections. Burial figures, left in the tombs with the mummies to act as servants in the afterlife. They are selling fast!
See: Ancient Egyptian Ushabtis

Ancient gold coins! Some nice Greek and Byzantine gold, as well as a great collection of ancient and Medieval Islamic gold coins from the collection of Stephen Album, the foremost expert and author of many books on the subject:
See: Ancient Gold Coins

There are also many new additions sprinkled throughout the site, so browse through when you get a moment!

Signing off for now,

Gabriel Vandervort

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  1. Great updates! You sold a lot...maybe next time :)